Pasture golf is a return to Scottish links style courses. Technique over technology, it makes golf both fun and affordable to play. Woodburn Golf Club - Woodburn, Oregon

Tired of super manicured courses, ridiculously priced greens fees, spendy clubs and fancy clothes? You'll love the back to basics play of pasture golf!

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Woodburn Golf Club

Woodburn Golf Course Playcard

Name of Course: Woodburn Golf Club
Address: Highway 214 West, Woodburn, Oregon 97071
Phone: None
Location: From I-5 south of Portland, Oregon, Woodburn Exit to Hwy 214
Fees: Payment is on the honor system, $3 for 9 holes, $4 for all day, or $75/annual fee. Old Course Honor System is in effect. Carry your playcard. Place fees in the lock box on the club house porch. If you don't have the correct amount, any overpayment will be refunded. Ask Pete or Marv.
Number of Holes: 9
Yardage: Regular Women's Course = 2442, Regular Men's Course = 2442
Par:   Men's Par 34, Women's Par 37.
Local Rules: "Rake all the greens. Don't be lazy. Think of others. Observe golf etiquette. If everyone follows the rules everyone else will enjoy the game better." Pete
Season: Year round
Course Type: Public
Designed By: Gene Sharkey, Salem Pro
Year Built: Built in 1925 on grounds of former orchard. Clubhouse built in mid-1930's.
Facilities & Amenities: Course open 6AM to 9PM. Ladies' Day Course Thursday, closed until 11:30AM. Men's Day Wednesday.
Events: Can be booked for events.
Prior Uses: Orchard
Future Plans:
Advice: Not a long course, no sand traps or water hazards. Straight shots keep you out of trouble. Wet sand greens are fast in inclement months, likely play slower in hot, dry weather. Task of sweeping the green after putting usually falls to the loser of the hole.

The following information is published in the "Woodburn Golf Club Local Rules & Player Information" handout courtesy of Yes Graphics Printing Company, Woodburn, Oregon.

Woodburn Golf Course, Woodburn, Oregon
Woodburn Golf Course, Woodburn, Oregon

Welcome to Oregon's most unique and one of its oldest golf courses. Hundreds have started their golf here where fees are affordable and without the "country club" atmosphere. The course is owned by stockholders who have never taken a dividend, the fairways are not watered, the greens require no fertilizer, and some of the supervision and maintenance is done by volunteers all of which makes the low fees possible.

The number of players has rapidly increased in recent years, adding problems and reminding us the course does have a maximum capacity. This points up the necessity to publish some information and enforce such rules as will promote safety, facilitate play, lessen the possibility of "golf course anger" and make golfing at the Woodburn club a pleasant experience.

1. Children under six years of age are not permitted on the golf course. Golf can be a dangerous game.
2. Children, six to 10 years of age, may play when accompanied by an adult. All golfers must have their own set of clubs.
3. If a ball hits a person or a car, the golfer who hit the ball is responsible.
4. When a golfer is in the wrong fairway, there are increased safety concerns. (Yield to players in their own fairway.)
5. No spectators on the golf course.

1. The green should be swept after putting out.
2. Do not drag the carpet closer than six to eight inches from the hole. (Otherwise, the carpet pulls the sand away leaving the cup rim exposed.)
3. Leave the carpet on the back half of the green, not on the grass.

Sweeping sand greens, Woodburn Golf Course
Sweeping the sand greens, Woodburn Golf Course

1. Register in the booth at the east end of the club house.
2. Use the envelope for your fees noting your name and the amount, then drop it in the slot.
3. Take your turn to start on No.1 tee alternating with players coming off No. 9 if they wish to continue playing.

Woodburn Golf Course Clubhouse and Entrance
Woodburn Golf Course Entrance

The course is open to the public at the discretion of the Board and with these exceptions.
1. Closed Wednesdays until 11:00 am for Men's Club.
3. Closed Thursdays until 11:30, or until cleared, for the Ladies' Club.
3. The course may be closed at any time when reserved for tournaments.

1. Do not trespass on the farmer's property to the right of No. 1 fairway.
2. All outside holes, Nos. 1,2,3, and 9 have out-of-bounds on the right, penalty of stroke and distance.
3. Number 5 has an out-of-bounds on the left side of the fairway, loss of distance only.
4. Number 6 has an out-of-bounds on the right side of the fairway, loss of distance only.
5. On the dog-leg No. 6, the ball must be played to the left of the big fir tree at the end of the dog-leg, approximately 141 yards from the tee.
6. If a green has casual water, move the ball to a dry area, no closer to the hole without penalty.
7. A winter rule applies, i.e., a ball through the green, may be cleaned and replaced within six inches of the original spot but no closer to the hole, without penalty.
8. Do not play a shot which will damage a newly planted tree. Move the ball no closer to the hole, no penalty.
9. A ball does not have to be played from a drainage ditch. It may be moved, no closer to the hole, without penalty.
10. Golfers may not play holes out of consecutive order if it slows other players or interferes with the play of others.
11. Groups, larger than foursome, are not permitted, except at the discretion of the "Starter".
12. If you are looking for a lost ball so long as to hold up following golfers, please wave them to play through.
13. Please, do not pull carts across the greens.
14. Please replace divots. (Cooperation makes for better fairways.)

The Starter, the Course Manager, and the Board Members all and individually are authorized to expel any one from the course who refuses to comply with these rules or the common courtesies of golf. Golf is one of sport's greatest challenges, but do not forget the side benefits of relaxation, fellowship, exercise and fun.

Woodburn Golf Course, Woodburn, Oregon
December 11, 1999

First tee, Woodburn Golf Course I played Woodburn December 11, 1999. The day was overcast. A stiff wind blew out of the south but the rains held off.

Chip shot, Woodburn Golf Course

On a cold, wet and windy Saturday afternoon in December, play was fast. When we visited the Woodburn Golf Course, only a couple of three-somes and three singles were on the course.

Choosing irons, Woodburn Golf Course

It's a flat course that is surprisingly well-drained. Good iron shots are a must.

Sand green at Woodburn Golf Course, Woodburn, Oregon

The Woodburn course is environmentally friendly. The fairways are not watered. The sand greens make fertilizer a moot point. 
Berry fields out of bounds beyond tree marker, Woodburn Golf Course Stately trees grace the course. Ponderosas, redwoods, cedars and weeping willow trees are a few of the outstanding specimens found here. This tree marks the out of bounds of the neighboring berry farm. If you hit your ball into the berries, wave it goodbye.

Thicket out of bounds, Woodburn Golf Course

A thicket forms the out-of-bounds of the third fairway. In the winter months, listen for the songs of chickadees, rosy finches, Oregon juncos and jays.

Dogleg on Woodburn Golf Course

Dogleg right ball must be played left of red marker
Back to back doglegs form the backbone of the course.
Hawthorn trees on the boundary with Hwy 214, Woodburn Golf Course An old windbreak of hawthorn trees stands between the road and the ninth fairway. However, it doesn't do much to slow the onslaught of the prevailing wind.
Size of cup on sand greens, Woodburn Golf Course Putting, Woodburn Golf Course
Don't let the sand greens bother you too much. The cups appear to be larger than regulation size.
Sweeping sand greens, Woodburn Golf Course Greens sweep, Woodburn Golf Course
The task of sweeping the sand greens usually goes to the loser of the hole.

Do not hit your ball while vehicles are in sight sign, Woodburn Golf Course

Wait for the parade of cars to pass before teeing off on the ninth hole. A posted sign warns of the consequences if you don't.

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