Pasture golf is a return to Scottish links style courses. Technique over technology, it makes golf both fun and affordable to play. pasture golf philosophy - a tutorial

Tired of super manicured courses, ridiculously priced greens fees, spendy clubs and fancy clothes? You'll love the back to basics play of pasture golf!

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Pasture Golf Explained

“All you need is eighty acres of corn and some cows.” (Dave Hill after the 1970 U.S. Open at Hazeltine National Golf Club, Chaska, Minnesota)

To most golfers the label Pasture Golf is a derogatory remark regarding the upkeep at the local Muni-Course or a description of knocking a few balls around Uncle Jack's cow pasture. We here at do not consider it an insult but a great compliment to those courses that keep the game simple, inexpensive and fun.

Golf originated in Scotland on lands that were used to graze sheep. The original sand traps were created by sheep digging holes to seek shelter from the prevailing winds. Pasture golf is sometimes called rough golf or natural golf. It could never be confused with executive courses or manicured par threes. Scotland is a golfer's paradise with a course around every corner.

Troon and Prestwick—Old and "classy"
Bogside, Dundonald, Gailes, Barassie.
Prestwick St. Nicholas, Western Gailes,
St. Cuthbert, Portland—memory fails—
Troon Municipal (three links there)
Prestwick Municipal, Irvine, Ayr.
They faced the list with delighted smiles—
Sixteen courses within ten miles.
--Local Scottish rhyme

Greens don't need to be poodle clipped for play

It has been only recently that super manicured golf courses have become the rage. The motto of pasture golfers should be: clipping is fine but don't shave the poor dog's butt.

Link to Gleneagles King's Course Webcam

Ben Kilbreck, Scotland
Sheep along the road to Altnaharra, Scotland

View of Ben Kilbreck on the road to Altnaharra, Scotland

Pasture golf courses are the true link to the game's grass roots. These courses offer true golfing challenges. You don't always get good bounces, good lies, and true putts, but your golfing creativity will be challenged. As the saying goes, the fairways aren't always fair, the greens aren't always green, but the game is golf, so grab your sticks and discover golf as it was meant to be.

Being one who has always found the sport to be ethically dubious (questionable use of land, resources, elitism, race issues, corporate synergy, etc.), I nevertheless find myself playing nearly every week.” - James King-Loo Yu

Whisky barrel(Golf is) a sport for liars, drinkers and cussers who like to walk two or three miles belaboring an object 1/45th their size with a loaded cane. - Vesta M. Kelly

“It is no coincidence that the people who invented golf also invented Scotch.” - Bruce Manclark, 1999

We borrowed golf from Scotland as we borrowed whiskey. Not because it’s Scottish, but because it is good. - Horace G. Hutchinson

Oh, golf is for smellin’ heather and cut grass and walkin’ fast across the countryside and feelin’ the wind and watchin’ the sun go down and seein’ yer friends hit good shots and hittin’ some yerself. It’s love and it’s feelin’ the splendor o’ this good world. - Michael Murphy, Golf in the Kingdom

Greetings. I read the article in Golf Magazine about your 'association' while flying home from Missoula yesterday to Denver. I had just spent a week in rural Montana hacking and 3 days in Idaho on a raft trip. On Saturday night, being short of smokes and beer, we pulled over at a river-side shack that sported a horse shoe pit and - out among the weeds - one golf flag. I joked to the bartender that I should have put my clubs in the boat. Within minutes we were given free range balls, a set of clubs, and a tour of the 3 hole, par 3. (The 3rd hole is a 3/4.) The second hole was my favorite: The green lay directly behind both the horse shoe pit and the bar itself. I grew up in Ireland where cow pat golf flourishes adjacent to more traditional golf, and I love both. Of a weekend, I head to my cabin at 10,000 feet to play extreme tree bocce and meadow/tundra golf with those die-hards in the family who refuse to ever toss out a club. I will check out the Colorado site listed very soon. Here's to a good walk not spoiled in near lightning conditions and life with a grain of salt. Good luck to you and yours. G.O. - June 14, 2004

“One of the best exercises for golf is to take a bucket of range balls
out to a challenging length of the uncut and hit them out.” - Patty Sheehan Driving Range - Summer 2000 View of Coburg Hills

PastureGolf Driving Range in Harrisburg, Oregon July, 2000

Click for full panoramic view of the range
Other Views of the PastureGolf Range

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