Smedberg Pines Golf Course - Pollock Pines, California

Pasture golf is a return to Scottish links style courses. Technique over technology, it makes golf both fun and affordable to play.

Tired of super manicured courses, ridiculously priced greens fees, spendy clubs and fancy clothes? You'll love the back to basics play of pasture golf!

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Weather|Webcam| Winter Golf|Home| Play Pasture Golf (actually Mountain Golf) in Pollock Pines, California, at Smedberg Pines Golf Course and Resort. Built in 1999, this wooded course offers many challenges including holes with names such as Mountain Misery, The Stairmaster, and The Long and Winding Road. Spectators (spotters) are encouraged, hecklers are welcome. We welcome submissions of pasture golf courses to this pasture golfers' directory.

A view of the "The Narrows," Smedberg Pines Number 11 Fairway. - All photographs courtesy of Darin Smedberg

Smedberg's Number 11 Rough

"The Stump" is the name of the 16th Hole at Smedberg Pines Golf Course. It is described as short but deceptive with a very difficult, small green.

Smedberg Pines Golf Course

Name of Course: Smedberg Pines Golf Course
Address: Pollock Pines, California
Phone: 530-644-2062
Course Contact: Ken or Darin
Fees: Whatever, whenever
Number of Holes: 18
Yardage: 1564
Par:   66
Season: Year Round (except Snow Days)
Course Type: Mountain Golf
Year Built: 1999
Course Designer: Darin Smedberg
Facilities & Amenities: The 19th hole is an old barn that's really a bar, there are coolers with beer on every other hole (or so) during tournaments. Open year round (except on snow days, elevation is 3620, so it's only open about 309 days a year). Two restrooms, one woodshed, a bunch of deer and at least one bear. There haven't been any holes in one yet but the course record is currently 69.
Events: Annual Smedberg Pines Tournament
Reason for Submitting: This course is the opposite of Bushwood and has the best scorecard I've seen. It's a tough course for sure, but someone's gonna get a 66 someday.

Among the Rules and Regulations for Smedberg Pines Golf Course are: Local rules override all U.S.G.A. rules; all players must have at least 1 club; out of bounds defined by the forest...use your best judgment; proper mountain golf attire recommended (pants, shoes, etc).

Players in the Smedberg Pines Invitational 2003 pose at the 19th Hole
Number 3 Tee - This par-4 hole is called "The Blind Oaks."
"The Cliffs" - Known as the hardest hole on the front 9. Advice is to aim short and to the left of the oak for a good tee shot on Number 8.
"The Cliffs," Number 8 Approach
Number 8 Chip
"Broken Dogleg" is the name of Number 9. From this Tee the advice is to place your shot at the crest of the path to the left of the marker.
Approach to par 5, Number 9 "Broken Dogleg".
Number 9 Putting. Big hitters have been known to reach this green in one.
"The Bowl" is the name of Number 10, shortest hole on the course. A bank behind the green can be put to good use. Possible hole in one.
Number 11 Tee - This hole is called "The Narrows" for its narrow fairway. Advice is to "Keep it low and straight."

Smedberg Pines Golf Course 11th approach shot.
According to the scorecard, at Number 11, "The green is fast, long and has a bunch of crap behind it."
Facing "Mountain Misery," a tough par 4, at the Number 13 Tee.
"The Landing Pad," Number 14 Tee.
"The Tunnel," Number 15 Tee.
"Skid Road," Number 17 Tee.
Number 17 Approach - A fairway shot from the tee increases your chance of birdie on this hole.
"The Long and Winding Road," is the longest hole on the course. Here is the Number 18 Red Tee.
Number 18 Approach - Advice: "Second slight dogleg right just before the green will carry the ball."
Number 18 Fairway described as "narrow and plagued with trouble." The barn above the hole houses the 19th hole!
Number 18 Putting out.
Some of Smedberg Pines' survivors.

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