Pasture golf is a return to Scottish links style courses. Technique over technology, it makes golf both fun and affordable to play. Doltonwood Golf & Country Club - Oregon City, Oregon

Tired of super manicured courses, ridiculously priced greens fees, spendy clubs and fancy clothes? You'll love the back to basics play of pasture golf!

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Weather|Webcam|Winter Golf|Home| Play Pasture Golf in Oregon at Doltonwood Golf and Country Club in Oregon City. We welcome submissions of pasture golf courses to this pasture golfers' directory.

Osprey Green at Doltonwood

Osprey Green on No. 6 and No. 7 Fairway at Doltonwood Golf & Country Club.

Doltonwood Golf and Country Club,
Oregon City, Oregon

See Scenes of the October 6, 2001 Doltonwood British Open!

A club so exclusive it has no members
A club so exclusive it has no members

Name of Course: Doltonwood Golf Course & Country Club
Address: 15111 Springwater Road, Oregon City, Oregon
Phone: (503) 631 3736 or (503) 698 5111
Fees: Free - but must call first. Donations of a bag of fertilizer (NOT weed & feed) or a claw type mole trap appreciated.
Number of Holes: 8
Yardage: Around 1200
Par:   28 for 8 holes; 32 for 9 holes
Season: May - October
Course Type: Estate golf - 6 greens - 2 played twice from different tees - beautiful setting - Clear Creek - pond - "parklike acres"
Designed By: Bill Hensley
Year Built: 1987
Facilities & Amenities: 6 bent grass greens; two are played twice to make the 8 hole route. There is also a 9 hole route available if there are not a lot of golfers on the course (crisscrosses).
Events: Annual US Open played in mid-August; British Open in October (entry 6 bottles British Beer)
Reason for submitting course: Like to see the course get used. Like to share the beauty.

Doltonwood Golf and Country Club Course Map

You must telephone first before going out to play this course. Generally one of the course founders will play with you the first time to show you around. The course is free but if you feel inclined they can always use a bag of fertilizer (NOT weed & feed) or a claw type mole trap. During the Summer of 2001, there was an active osprey nest (in its fifth year) near the pond. Great wildlife/bird watching. The longest hole is just over 200 yards. The shortest is 33 yards. Accuracy is demanded on most tee shots. Extra balls are a good idea. The course plays best on weekends due to the greens being close-mowed on Thursday or Friday each week. The greens mower is a real one (Jacobsen) set to 1/4 inch. The greens are a little slow but putt true. There is no true clubhouse. There is a room set aside in the barn for players' use with a poker table and lockers.

Doltonwood Hole Chart

Local rules at Doltonwood include the following:

1. Watch out for other players and spectators. No. 1 & 7 and No. 3 & 8 share greens.
2. When hitting your drive on No. 5 (Plum Tree), ring the school bell to warn players on No. 5 green (and No. 6 tee area) to watch out. If you are down there and hear the bell, call out whether it is safe for the player at the tee to hit. Look before you hit.
3. All fairway lies may be lifted, cleaned and placed. (Fairway includes fringes of greens but does not include rough).
4. If you hit a drive into the woods or street, you can hit again (second stroke) or drop a ball near the lost ball (in a playable place) and play third stroke (1 penalty stroke). Same play for any lost ball.

Rock Pile green and Fairway (No. 2) at Doltonwood.
Pond green (No. 7 and No. 1).
Front yard green (No. 4). The pug (right) is HARLEY (as in Davidson because he is such a Fat Boy). The springer is Emma, the world's greatest dog.
Main Fairway with Plum Tree green in distance (No. 5). Clear Creek runs behind the green.

Subject: Doltonwood
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001
Somebody said they saw your van parked at Doltonwood during this weekend's tournament. I think they were pulling my leg. Anyway, sorry to have missed you. We had over 60 golfers. Winning score for 16 holes (2x8 hole route) was even. As a greens keeper/pin setter you can't ask for a better result. Raelyn (my wife unit) is scanning some beautiful pictures for your use. You should get them (and a scorecard/map) late this week. - Rob

Note: Thank you Raelyn and Rob Dolton for all the great photos and information you have sent!

Subject: Doltonwood
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001

Doltonwood Golf Course in Carver, Oregon, is a fine example. 14 years of annual U.S. Opens. Annual Mexican Open (Jose Cuervo once attended ), British Open, Australian Open (3 fosters admission fee), Madness Tourney (I forget about that one). The Doltonwood Cup (much like the Ryder Cup) goes up for grabs when we can get a challenge. Rob and Raelyn Dolton are the most wonderful and gracious hosts anyone could ask for as the caregivers of Doltonwood Golf Course and Country Club. "A club so exclusive it has no members" is its motto. - Andy Daniel

Scenes from the British Open - October 6, 2001

The Founders of Doltonwood: Andy Daniel, Bill Hensley, Raymond Dukes, Rob Dolton and Scott Pratt.

Group play at Number 1 and Number 4 Tee at Doltonwood.

Brad ringing the bell on Number 5 during the British Open.

Kurt teeing off blind on Number 5.

The proper English gentleman enjoying a break during the British Open is multiple time past British Open champion Eric Deweese. Eric is currently Head Pro at Camas Meadows Golf Club (yes, cream rises to the top even on pasture courses).

Team Pasture Golf at the British Open (Brad Andrews, Bruce Manclark and Kurt Wilkie).

The champ of the October 6, 2001 British Open at Doltonwood Golf & Country Club is course architect Bill Hensley, pictured with him is Rob Dolton.

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