Pasture golf is a return to Scottish links style courses. Technique over technology, it makes golf both fun and affordable to play. Indian Hills Golf Course -
Decatur, Alabama

Tired of super manicured courses, ridiculously priced greens fees, spendy clubs and fancy clothes? You'll love the back to basics play of pasture golf!

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Weather|Webcam|Winter Golf|Home| Play links style Pasture Golf in Alabama at the Indian Hills Golf Course. This public course has great views, plenty of trees, no crowds, friendly dogs. On weekdays you can play (walking, of course) all day for $10, year-round. We welcome submissions of pasture golf courses to this pasture golfers' directory.

Indian Hills Golf Course

We've been playing Indian Hills since teenaged and the course was a 9-holer. "The Hartselle Country Club" takes a hit from the uppity locals, but us diehards continue to play with pride. And now the legacy is being passed down to my son... M.S., Falkville, AL - 5/23/04

Name of Course: Indian Hills Golf Course
Address: 127 Par Private Drive, Decatur, Alabama 35603
Phone: (256) 773-9939
Fees: Weekdays $10 for 18 holes. Weekends $13. No tee times accepted.
Number of Holes: 18
Yardage: 5960
Par:   71
Season: Year Round
Course Type: Public
Year Built: 1945, 1992 added second nine
Facilities & Amenities: Great views, trees, no crowds
Pro: No pro
Advice: Decent greens but tight-lie fairways where bump-and-run is always a good approach.
Reason for submitting course: It is a natural layout that fits the land, short but not without its dangers.

Thank you, Jeff, for submitting this course!

View from the clubhouse looking up towards the entrance. #10 fairway is at right.

The clubhouse. That's one of the many dogs asleep in front of the bush.

View towards west from the #3 tee. That's Steve Forrester on the left and Jim Griffis.

Jeff Anderson, who submitted this course to, on the #3 tee. Thanks, Jeff!

Looking towards #4 green, in front of the buildings. Couldn't get a shot down the fairway because of the sun's position, but it's a tight fairway with woods on both sides. If you hit long, you'll be wet. A shot from the tee to the left is best. This is one of several holes on the course that seem to favor a right to left shot.

This golden retriever and his little buddy, a pug, came out to greet us from the house behind the #4 green. Here on the #5 tee, Jim has just been playing fetch with the retriever.

View of #6 hole from the tee, a short par 4, but an errant shot or a wormburner are disaster.

View from #7 tee, a par-5 shrp left dogleg that then goes up hill. You can't see the flag from your second shot, nor the ditch that runs in front of the green at the crest of the hill.

View from the tee of the par-4 #13 fairway. When this was a nine-hole course, the tees were further back and it played as a par-5. The land slopes off to the left, so if you hook it, it'll roll over onto the 18th fairway.

The area where you would like your tee shot to land on #13 for the long carry across the pond to the green. Depending on where you land and how well you hit, it can take anything from a 6-iron to a 5-wood to get across. A really challenging hole for us duffers.

View from the #17 tee. Another hole that favors a draw. If you tend to fade and don't want to wind up in the scrubby woods to the right, you have to start the shot down the left side, but those trees there cause problems for that. Too long, and you're in a ditch at the base of the hill that rises to the elevated green.

If you have more information about this course we'd love to hear from you. Contact us

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