Pasture golf is a return to Scottish links style courses. Technique over technology, it makes golf both fun and affordable to play. National Park Golf Course - Australia

Tired of super manicured courses, ridiculously priced greens fees, spendy clubs and fancy clothes? You'll love the back to basics play of pasture golf!

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Pasture Golf Australia - Yanchep National Park Golf Course

Australian dugiteSpend a great day out with the kangaroos and other Australian natives, as you drive, chip and putt around Australia's Yanchep National Park 9-hole golf course. Park officials emphasize that all animals in the park are wild and should be approached with appropriate caution and respect, whether they are on the greens, by the tee boxes or in the rough. Playing Yanchep is an experience you will be able to write home about.

Located 50 kilometers north of downtown Perth, about an hour's drive, or you can take the bus to play the 9-hole bushland golf course at Yanchep National Park!

Hey Mates!

Other Yanchep National Park attractions include walking trails such as the Boomerang Gorge Trail, Ghost House Trail and Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail. You can also enjoy the scenic wetlands of Loch McNess where rowboats are for hire.

Thank you to Dave and Sue Hancock of Harrisburg, Oregon, for sending in their Australia vacation pictures from August, 2000, of the Yanchep National Park Golf Course!

Yanchep National Park Golf Course Map

Yanchep Golf Course Map

Name of Course: Yanchep National Park Golf Club
Phone: (09) 561 1004
Location: An hour from Perth, Australia
Fees: Payment is on the honor system, $6 for 9 holes, $9 for 18. Place fees in envelope. Retain receipt as proof of pay.
Number of Holes: 9
Metres: 2595 Metres
Par:   Par 35
Local Rules: All players must have four golf sticks, including a putter and golf bag. Players are requested to move quickly between shots and must not dawdle.
Season: Year round
Course Type: Public
Designed By:
Year Built:
Facilities & Amenities: No hire facilities. Bring your own clubs.
Advice: Snakes, roos, koalas, bandicoots and other wildlife are protected. Better to take a drop than search for lost balls in the rough as to do so would be hazardous to your health and safety.

Golf fee pay envelope

Pay before play. Detach the receipt from the pay envelope before depositing money in the Honour Box.

Yanchep Golf Club

Honour Box location at Yanchep

"Have a goodun" when you play on your honour at the Yanchep Golf Club.

Tuart and banksia woodlands
The 2,842 hectare park is reknowned for spectacular tuart and banksia woodlands.
Plants as well as animals are protected in Yanchep National Park. If a ball falls near a staked tree, it must be lifted and dropped within two club lengths of the tree, without penalty.
Straight drives play well on this course. Out of bounds and too tall trees make slices and hooks both losing propositions.
The etiquette of play includes the rule that players looking for a lost ball must allow other matches coming up to pass them and should not continue play until those players are out of range.
Can you find the roo or is that just a big guy looking for a lost ball?
Yanchep is home to koalas (a major park attraction since 1938) and western grey kangaroos which often can be seen on the golf course greens, fairways...
and at the tee boxes, too.
While you may not see the nocturnal bandicoot, you may find your ball has come to rest in places where bandicoots dig for grubs.
The obvious penalty for overshooting this green is another lost ball.
Yanchep has three holes of more than 400 metres length. The third hole is the longest of the course at 439 metres and a par 5.
Play at Yanchep can give you the feeling of a walk in the wild woods.


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