Pasture golf is a return to Scottish links style courses. Technique over technology, it makes golf both fun and affordable to play. Condon Golf Course - Condon, Oregon

Tired of super manicured courses, ridiculously priced greens fees, spendy clubs and fancy clothes? You'll love the back to basics play of pasture golf!

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Condon Golf Course

“A massive Archer-Daniels-Midland silo overlooks the clubhouse and first tee here, with a plaque announcing a $5,000 reward for anyone caught damaging it affixed to the front. I wonder who would try. It's a flat course, and incredibly windy, gusts up in the 30s.” - James King-Loo Yu, The Sunday Oregonian Sports Forum, “In the Rough” (August 19, 2001).

Also See the Northwest Highland Golf Tour Report for 2001 by Don Mann

Putting green in shadow of grain silo Condon Golf Club.Condon Golf Course is an open, flat course in Condon, Oregon. This area of the country is considered part of the Columbia Plateau. Which means there isn't much out there to slow down the howling winds. We played this course in early spring and wind speed and direction were factors in every shot. Despite the wind, there are opportunities for some truly long drives.

Doves coo in the recesses of this huge grain silo which stands adjacent to the putting green.

Condon Golf Course Playcard

Name of Course: Condon Municipal Golf Course
Address: P.O. Box 445, Condon, Oregon 97823-0445
Phone: City of Condon, 541-384-2711
Location: North Lincoln Street, Condon, Oregon (Gilliam County, Oregon)
Fees: $5 for 9 holes, $10 for 18
Shop: Place fees in the lock box outside of the club house. The club house is closed except for special events.
Number of Holes: 9
Yardage: Regular Women's Course = 2798, Regular Men's Course = 3111
Par:   Men's Par 36, Women's Par 36
Local Rules: Replace divots, rake sand traps. Keep power and hand carts at least 30 feet from greens and tees.
Course Type: Public
Designed By: Don Lehman
Year Built: 1967
Facilities & Amenities: Rental spaces are available for cart storage. Restrooms and water available on course grounds. Bring your own refreshments.
Events: Course can be rented and closed to the general public for private tournaments and outings.
Prior Use:
Future Plans:

Intersection with signs to Golf Course, Condon, Oregon

The Condon Golf Course is located 38 miles south of Interstate-84
at the junction of Highways 19 and 206 on North Lincoln Street.
Follow signs to golf course.

Condon Golf Course Scenes, September 1999

Clubhouse sign at the Condon Golf Course with Zeppo and Sadie. When this twosome grabs the sticks, it usually means a good game of fetch. But here they look ready to pay and play at the Condon Golf Course.
Wooden sign of course layout, Condon Golf Club You are on the first tee looking at the map saying to yourself, "straight forward, simple course." Then the hat blows off your head and you remember that auld Scottish saying, "Nae wind, nae rain, nae golf."

If you love target golf, you'll hate this course. An eighty yard pitch shot with a 25 mile per hour wind at your back to a small green will get you to throw away your pitch, grab your five-iron and learn to bump and run.

Golfers must sign in and pay prior to play. A friendly reminder, pay is on the honor system.
Golf ball sculpture, Condon Golf Course with Zeppo in foreground. In 1999, this sculpture, constructed of golfballs, had lost its head but not its charm. Courses built on industrial land often retain relics from the past. With a little creativity objects, such as the iron foundation of the headless golfer, add character to a course. Unfortunately, golfers who visited the Condon course in 2001 reported that the golfball man is completely gone.
First Tee Condon Golf Club The east to west fairway off the first tee is sandwiched between those for the second and ninth. These parallel stretches require very straight drives to keep from playing through to the wrong green.  
Squirrels with lipstick, the Women's Tee Markers, Condon Golf Club Women's tee markers are wooden squirrels placed along the edge of the fairway. Distance to the first green from this squirrel is 395 yards, due west. 
The view east from the second tee of Condon Golf Club Eastward view from the second tee.
Second fairway, Condon Golf Club Somewhere along the second fairway.
Second green of Condon Golf Club The second green.
The third tee bench, Condon Golf Club Men and women use the same tee on the third hole. No squirrels here.
Out of bounds along the third fairway, Condon Golf Club The view southward from the third tee.
Third green at Condon Golf Club The third green at Condon.
Sixth tee swinging into the wind, Condon Golf Club Sixth tee, back into the wind.
Sixth fairway, Condon Golf Club A few small trees separate the long fairways between the sixth and seventh holes. More straight drives needed to keep out of the adjacent fairway.
Sixth green, Condon Golf Club The sixth green.
Eighth tee marker and out of bounds Condon Golf Club Eighth tee marker and out of bounds.
Eighth Tee Condon Golf Club Teeing off, the eighth hole is 310 yards, due north.
Eighth Green Condon Golf Club After making it past the sand bunker, he pushes a long putt at the eighth green.
Ninth Tee Condon Golf Club At the ninth tee, facing into the wind, hope is high for a long, low drive.

Condon Golf Course - a featured course in the Annual Northwest Highland Tour!

James King-Loo Yu wrote about the competition in the August 19, 2001 Sunday Oregonian Sports Forum. His “In the rough,” was a chronicle of one Portland foursomes' four days of golf at four Oregon Pasture Golf Tour Courses.

The Northwest Highland Tour took place on the following four courses: Bear Valley Meadows in Seneca, Oregon; Christmas Valley Golf Course in Christmas Valley, Oregon; Kinzua Hills Golf Club in Fossil, Oregon; and Condon Golf Course in Condon, Oregon.

The tour season ran from January 1 to September. To participate in the tour, pasture golfers played all of these courses within that timeframe. Maybe next year we'll bring the tour back again.

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