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Tired of super manicured courses, ridiculously priced greens fees, spendy clubs and fancy clothes? You'll love the back to basics play of pasture golf!

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“At Jinja there is both hotel and golf course. The latter is, I believe, the only course in the world which posts a special rule that the player may remove his ball from hippopotamus footprints.” -- Evelyn Waugh

Gezira Country Club in Cairo, 1942 Thomas W. Manclark (left).

On the grounds by the Club-house, almost like home ain't it? Cairo, Egypt, September 1942.

T.W. Manclark and a mate during the war years T.W. Manclark golfs in Cairo

Pictured above is Thomas Wilson Manclark (on left) serving in Egypt during WWII--The other lad is Mr. Ken, one of the Professionals at Gezira Country Club (in Cairo). I have tried three times to get a snap of him but he says he always busts the camera so probably this accounts for the fact that this one is blurred.

Caddy and Tom Manclark pictured with pyramids, 1943.

On the green of Gezira Golf Course

“Wasn't a bad shot this. Grand hole 171 yds surrounded by bunkers long narrow green and out of bounds on the left.”

Golfer and caddy pose in 1942
British officers golfing near Cairo

Players and caddy waiting to play
Caddy, Tom Manclark and partner at Gezira Country Club - Cairo, Egypt (1943).

Tom Manclark chipping at Gezira.
T.W. Manclark in Egypt during war years T.W. Manclark golfs near Cairo during war years

Tom Manclark, born in Scotland, had a blessed childhood. His father was a golf pro and club maker and his mother was a lawn bowling champion. As a young man he served in the British Army. These photographs, taken during the six years he spent in Egypt, are from a cherished photo album. The stories that his sons remember him telling about his war years include getting mugged in Cairo, liberating tomatoes from farm fields when he couldn't stomach mess hall meals, and golfing on sand greens. His mother must have thought him a waif when he returned home to Scotland weighing only 121 pounds.

Champion lawn bowlers

Jeanie Wilson Manclark, third from left, poses with her champion lawn bowling team.

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